CITY a proposal for the graphic and information
design of the 10th Venezia Biennale’s International Exhibition
(invited proposal)

Every city has its own visual language. Zebra crossings, traffic lights, cabs or tube signs. Sampling from this language to present facts about the city in question will enhance the impact of the messages as well as give further structural guidance to the presentation and contrast to the Arsenale buildings.

For presenting and comparing densities in certain geographical areas we have devised a Crowd Room. Projected on large floor-to-ceiling screens are street scenes from the area of interest (i.e parts of London or across different cities). Counting visitors in and out of this zone gives us the possibility to change the surrounding scene from Kensington to Tower Hamlets according to the number of visitors present. So if you bother to bring your whole class to the exhibition, you might get to experience the densest parts of this metropolis. (Or you might triple the number and feel Shanghai)

The backbone of our graphic interpretation is the presentation of the urban vs. the rural part of the world’s population, onto the Corderie’s main columns. This creates a wonderful structural progression in our storytelling, both for a linear story as well as creating spaces for circular storytelling for each of the time ”gaps”. In these circular spaces it seems natural to present one of the ”city victims” telling its story of how it became what it is and what challenges it is facing.

For experiencing cities there is nothing like a flyover in a hot air baloon! Elevating visitors above ground and onto the mezzanine will give spectular possibilities to presenting wide arays of data onto the floor-wide satelite photograph of the city of interest.

Visitors on the ground floor will experience the city in detail, triggering data presentation. Interactively!

Talkingpieces //

Paul H. Amble
Concept Director

Christian Ebbesen
Project Director

Jørn O. Jøntvedt
Design Director

Sondre Sommerfelt

Sondre Abel

Ivar Lysne
Technical advisor/Interaction design

Sven A. Skjæret
Animations/Technical advisor

City //  10th Venezia Biennale

City // The graphic and information design

City // Counting visitors

City // ...change the surrounding scene

City // ... the densest parts

City // the urban vs. the rural

City // ...onto the Corderie’s main columns

City // interactive floor-wide photograph

City // interactive floor-wide photograph

City // interactive floor-wide photograph